Sunday, August 4, 2013

The saying goes "When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade."  But what if life hands you lemonade???  Do you sit by the pool and enjoy that ice cold lemonade?  I say you dang better!!!  The last several months have been the lemons in my lemonade.  We've had more downs than we've had ups here in our house but we were finally figuring out how to work and squeeze the lemons, add sugar, and stir {stir} stir.  That's when our Heavenly Father saw that our lemonade needed ice and a few cups.  We are moving home to Arizona!!!  While I am totally stoked that we get to be closer to family, I feel somewhat like a failure. 7 months in Utah?!?? 7...that's it.  But those 7 months have made me grow and stretch and learn some things that I didn't really want to but I'm glad that I have.  And when B and I finally figured out which direction was up, we were lead to return to our home state and go to school there.  If you know Brandon and I, when we do something like this, it has to be a whirlwind!!!!  We are moving this weekend!!!!!!!!!  Well sort of...we are moving our things and we will be living out of suitcases in Snowflake until we find a house in the valley.  Our life is great!  And we have two amazing children who crack us up!  

 Kimee Tink has been fascinated by nursing lately.  She feeds her babies, she tries feeding my baby (YES JACKSON!), and she keeps asking me to feed her.  She's an interesting child but one day she will be an amazing momma!!!
While driving the other day KTJ said,"My Jackson so handsome!" and I couldn't agree more!  We love him more and more every day!


  1. Awe, such cute little ones you have! Drink the lemonade, it is good!!!

  2. Don't you worry one little bit about "only" 7 months, you are not a failure if you learned ANYTHING from the experience! I for one could not be happier that you are moving closer! And your babies are adorable!!! Love all you wonderful Johnson people!

  3. I love those pictures of your two adorable babies!! THEY are the lemonade right?! I am happy that you guys are moving forward and finding out what you need to do! Life is good, and no matter where we are old, young, rich, poor, Utah, Arizona, (Oklahoma), it's about finding the good and cherishing, nurturing and enjoying that part! I love you guys and I hope your move went well!!!